The Heart of Independent Filmmaking

By Zandro G. Rapadas, M.D.C.

YOU KNOW WHAT’S THE PROBLEM with this “Ekstra” indie film? It is intrinsically flawed. Why? Let me enumerate:

First, you don’t do an indie because it is the bandwagon, or because your lead actor wants to have her own.

Second, you don’t do an indie because you want to compete, or you aim for international film festivals. That’s not the way to go, honey.

And third, you don’t do an indie to prove a point that indie can make a big success at the tills. That’s pointless.

INSTEAD, you make an indie film because:

FIRST, you want to use the medium for your artistic expression, that’s why a true work would attract adjectives like “lyrical,” which means expressing the creator’s emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way, something that a commercial or formula film will hardly allow you to do.

SECOND, you want to depict a plot or a situation that mainstream would rather not dwell into, something that is liberating, emancipating, empowering — giving a face or a voice to the weak, the lost, the least.

And THIRD, you make an indie film because you want to make a stand, you want to send across a strong message but not necessarily in stern words or explosive plots, but most of the time through silent, quiet, but nevertheless powerful expressions that strike at the chords of your very sensibilities.

AS SUCH, indie film making is about art, advocacy, and action. Those who attempt to do one but starts off with the wrong reasons are doomed to mediocrity and failure. And there’s the rub.